Saturday, April 28, 2007



In support of's Nationwide Impeachment Project, I decided, of course, that the best way to get the word out was with cardboard and paint. Here's my contribution to the effort...



Half Moon Bay

All the rest are San Francisco...

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Earth Day

This weekend I decided to recycle some cardboard in honor of Earth Day....
(Click pictures to enlarge)

Doing signs with casualty numbers is difficult not only because of the thought of how many have died needlessly, but because the number changes from day to day. I changed the numbers on the sign above twice before I took this shot. Sadly, I'm sure the number will change again before I get this sign posted on a freeway overpass.

I'm entering these signs in The Freewayblogger's Public Punditry Contest which is also posted on the Michael Moore website. Let me know which ones you like the most.

I love recycling cardboard.

Mucho thanks to my fellow freewaybloggers PsychoMikeo and Scarlet (a.k.a. dirty hippy) for the Saddam and Osama images. Without these patriots, this post wouldn't have been possible.

These signs will be going up on freeway overpasses and side-fencing this week around the San Francisco Bay Area. I'll post the pictures after I get the signs up.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Time to Give Up

Border Patrol boost raises concerns
By JACQUES BILLEAUD, Associated Press Writer

The U.S. Border Patrol's push to expand the number of agents on the lookout for illegal crossings has some current and former agents worried that the pressure will lead to corner cutting and will jeopardize public safety.

Raising the Border Patrol's numbers from about 12,000 to 18,000 by the end of 2008 is a key element of President Bush's plan to improve security along the border, crossed by tens of thousands of illegal immigrants each year.

When is this country going to realize that their failed attempts at stopping my brothers and sisters from entering this land are futile? The only constructive purpose the border patrol serves is as a rescue force for immigrants wandering around helplessly lost and abandoned by those scum-of-the-earth "coyotes" who they pay top dollar to get them across the border.

If you really despise Mexicans living in your country that much, move somewhere else, or elect Tom Tancredo as your president.

Time to open the borders and let them come in.

What? You think you own this land? Think you have some sort of special privilege because your forefathers massacred the previous owners? Piss off !

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Weekend Music Video

The Cult - Fire Woman

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Fun at Work

I really enjoy my job. I get to meet a lot of interesting people; some are far more interesting than others. Today I was partnered with a co-worker whom I've met before but never really got to know all that well. I got to know him very well today.

Let's call him "John".

I was chatting with "John" and he started telling me about his keen interest in real estate. He extolled the virtues of real estate as the best investment money could buy and went on to tell me all about the properties he owns and how these properties would help him to retire early.

"John" went on to say that I should get a loan to invest in property and I mentioned that I had discussed this with my wife before and that she was a bit nervous about making that big of an investment.

Here's how the conversation went from there...

John: "You need to tell her that her job is to be in the kitchen making you something to eat."

Me: "And that's what you say to your wife."

John: "Somebody's gotta wear the pants in the family."

Me: "And that's you."

John: "Damn right."

Me: "Well, maybe I could get her to go for that but I wouldn't want to because I would just come off sounding like a horse's ass."

(Long Silent Pause)

John: "Did you just call me a horse's ass?"

Me: "Oh, no. No, not at all. No, you see, what I meant was that if I talked like that, I would sound like a horse's ass. I'm sure it sounds perfectly normal coming from you."

(Shorter Pause)

John: "Oh, okay."

That's one more Neanderthal I don't think I'll be getting a Christmas card from.

Kurt Vonnegut 1922-2007

Author Kurt Vonnegut passed away yesterday as a result of injuries from a fall in his Manhattan home. More here.

A writer with a sense of humor unlike any other, Vonnegut will be missed. In fact his "Slaughterhouse-Five" is one of the very few books listed in my profile under "Favorite Books".

Kurt, when they made you, they broke the mold. So long and thanks for all you've given us.

Kurt Vonnegut quotes:

"True terror is to wake up one morning and discover that your high school class is running the country."

"I want to stand as close to the edge as I can without going over. Out on the edge you see all the kinds of things you can't see from the center."

Kurt Vonnegut Biography

Monday, April 09, 2007

Kicking Ass - Chicago Style

Those folks in Chicago really know how to Freewayblog. Full story here.

Malcolm X

"A man who stands for nothing will fall for anything."

- Malcolm X

Malcolm X Explains Black Nationalism

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Weekend Music Video

Anti-Flag - Die for the Government

Proudly brought to you by the Maoist International Movement.

Friday, April 06, 2007

John McCain on the Lighter Side of Baghdad

"You read every day about suicide bombings, kidnappings, rocket attacks and other terrible acts. What we don't read about and what is new is a lot of the good news -- the drop in the murders in Baghdad, the establishment of security outposts throughout the city ... the deployment of additional Iraqi brigades to Baghdad."

- Senator John McCain during a recent photo-op in Baghdad

So what's up with the body armor, John?

In fact, things are going so well in Baghdad that the snipers decided to get right back to work the day after McCain and his cameras, machine guns, body armor, tanks and helicopters left the area.

The merchants at the market had some interesting things to say about the McCain press junket as well. Maybe McCain should've handed out the same rose-colored glasses he was wearing to all the folks in the market that day.

Best line by an Iraqi merchant EVER ......

"They were just making fun of us and paid this visit just for their own interests," he said. "Do they think that when they come and speak few Arabic words in a very bad manner it will make us love them? This country and its society have been destroyed because of them and I hope that they realized that during this visit."

Right on, brother.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Love Letter from Melanie Morgan

Hey, everybody ! Look what I found in my e-mail this morning. It's a vaguely threatening letter from Melanie Morgan, local morning talk show host on Hate Talk 560 KSFO, and close personal friend of Ann Coulter. Yes, that Ann Coulter. Not that Melanie is a newcomer to threats, but still, I was surprised to find out she reads my blog. I feel somewhat flattered to think that I irritated her this much.

At any rate, here's the letter she sent me:

"Those of you in the anti-war movement have helped the pro-troop organization Move America Forward to go up on the television airwaves today with a new ad that takes on those who are undermining our heroic troops and their missions.

At YouTube the patriotic Move America Forward television ad that takes the anti-war crowd (including Cindy Sheehan and Martin Sheen) to task has become a hit - earning a 4.5 star rating out of 5 stars.

(go ahead and click it, it's actually pretty funny - PT)

You've become so despicable in your actions that America is now turning against you. You are failing.

You promised 100,000 marchers for the "March on the Pentagon" but your march was a total bust with only a few thousand protestors turning out to show solidarity with the terrorists, and speaking out against the fight for freedom.

Leading anti-war senator, Barack Obama, announced this weekend that Congress will not insist on a timetable for withdrawal and surrender in Iraq after all. You've even turned off the more moderate members of your community who have helped me to be able to get this message sent out to you.

We will no longer tolerate the anti-war crowd subjecting America to more terrorist attacks as a result of the defeat-retreat-surrender policies you advocate.

You already have blood on your hands for emboldening the terrorists to kill our troops, we won't let you endanger innocent American citizens here at home.

When you burn American soldiers in effigy you show us which side in the war on terror you stand on, and it's obviously not with America and our military men and women.

We won't back down as you try to appease the forces of Islamic terrorism. We won't allow you to dishonor our troops as you try to reignite a Vietnamized-culture in America."

Sincerely Yours,
Melanie Morgan
Chairman, Move America Forward

So now I'm just waiting for love letters from Michelle Malkin and Ann Coulter.

And in response to your letter, Melanie, (and I know you're reading this because you just can't get enough PTCruiser) while I'm flattered by the attention you so obviously want to fawn on me, you need to know that I'm a married man and this relationship would just never work; not only because I'm married but also because, unlike your husband, I have fully functioning male genitalia.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Freewayblogging: Big and Small

When I saw the pictures of the HUGE signs in Scarlet's living room, I asked him when we would get a chance to hang them, fishing for an invite to help him hang these extra-large beacons of information. We decided today would be a great day to hang signs (what day isn't a great day?) and met at the San Francisco landmark, Coit Tower.

The first sign we hung was an image all too familiar, summing up the United States' policy on how best to treat POW's.

I took a wider shot here to show the sign next to the tower. Can you see it?

Then came time for the huge IMPEACH sign. This one took a little extra effort and I was glad I was there to help. Once we got it hung, though, it looked great....

On the way home, I decided to hang a few signs I had in the back of the car. The nice thing about travelling with signs in the car is that you can hang them whenever you feel inspired.

I also took a couple of scenic shots of the magnificent view we had while hanging these signs. What a great place to live.