Friday, September 15, 2006

Bushism of the Week

"I've reminded the prime minister-the American people, Mr. Prime Minister, over the past months that it was not always a given that the United States and America would have a close relationship."

--George W. Bush, Washington, D.C., June 29, 2006


At September 15, 2006 1:43 PM, Blogger azgoddess said...

haa haa - too funny!!

At September 16, 2006 1:54 AM, Blogger sumo said...

Just shoot me!

At September 16, 2006 9:05 AM, Blogger Peacechick Mary said...

Haaaaa!! Look at the giddy with pills grin on Laura's face.

At September 17, 2006 4:22 PM, Blogger james said...

Man, someone SERIOUSLY needs to give this guy a mental evaluation to see if he is mentally retarded. Seriously. I honestly think he might be and would thus be unable to "serve" any longer.

I wonder if that would be within the House powers should the Dem's win. If not it should be.

At September 19, 2006 4:52 PM, Blogger thepoetryman said...

Ha! Nice one! Hooooo Aggghhhhh!


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