Thursday, July 19, 2007

Where in the World am I?

Some of you may have noticed this map on the sidebar to the right. It's called a ClustrMap and it displays the parts of the globe where PTCruiser is being perused. Being the narcissist I am, I love checking this thing out. I'm fascinated with the idea that people from all over the world are looking at this blog. (Even if they were lured here under the false pretense that they were going to look at a site about the Chrysler Pie Wagon)

It hasn't escaped my attention that I'm wildly popular in the United States, nor does it surprise me. The U.S. is my target audience. What does surprise me is how popular this blog is in Malaysia and the East Coast of Australia. Who would've guessed? At any rate, to all of my Aussie readers, "G'day, mates". And to my Malaysian friends, "Selamat Datang".

I've also taken note of my rise in poularity in parts of Europe, particularly in Ireland, England, France, and Germany (not necessarily in that order). OK, Ireland is #1 in any list I compile. What can I tell ya? It's a great place full of wonderful people.

I'm also read in parts of South America. I'm happy to see that Venezuela looks in on me from time to time. (I like to think it's Hugo Chavez himself, checking up on my progress)

I'm also happy to see that I'm getting hits from the Middle East, including Iran and Saudi Arabia. I was a bit surprised that NOT ONE PERSON in Iraq reads this blog. Maybe the current regime doesn't approve of sites like this. I wonder if the old regime would have.

While I'm at it, let me give a shout out to India and Canada, two very large countries where people religiously log in to check out PTCruiser. "Heyyy".

Now here's where things get wierd. Take a good look at the continents of Asia and Africa. Go ahead, look again. Notice anything missing there? No red dots. So you're saying to yourself, "WTF?", which is the exact same thing I'm saying. See how we're in tune with each other?
That's the part I love about blogging, the connection with the audience. Which is why I'm so upset about this Asia/Africa thing. How can I share my love of connectivity with the whole world WHEN THE WHOLE WORLD ISN'T LOOKING AT MY BLOG???

Maybe it's a simple case of lack of access to this wonderful page on the internet, or maybe I'm just not that hot in those parts ot the world.

Naah, it's gotta be the first part.

UPDATE: My "eldest daughter" has dutifully reminded me that I completely overlooked a very important island nation....the Philippines! To all of my readers in P.I., (all three islands as my "daughter" points out) "Mabuhay!"

And while we're covering island nations, let us not forget Japan, Taiwan, New Zealand , Guam(U.S. Territory), and last, but certainly not least, Sri Lanka. And in the Carribean we have visitors from the Bahamas and the Virgin Islands.

A huge thank you to everyone around the globe who takes the time to look at my meager blog. I sincerely appreciate it.


At July 19, 2007 9:21 PM, Blogger enigma4ever said...

bet you were the first kid on your block with a set of tin cans and string ;->

Love this....about being important...needed...

At July 19, 2007 10:08 PM, Blogger U.S.S.R. Funk said...

very nice continental expansion sir, no russia or madagascar =(, i think there is one in hawaii too..

At July 20, 2007 9:31 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

But, Dad, you failed to mention that the Philippines is reading you. THE PHILIPPINES! And you're represented in all three major islands, too!!! Who cares about continental Asia? South East Asia is in the house!!!!

Are you gracing us with your presence at the studio this Sunday?

Other Daughter

At July 20, 2007 10:17 AM, Blogger PTCruiser said...

bet you were the first kid on your block with a set of tin cans and string ;->

That was my first "blog". I've always been ahead of my time.

U.S.S.R. Funk,
That you for pointing out the glaring mistake of omitting Russia.

Dearest "Other Daughter",
I'm hanging my head in shame for forgetting your homeland. Thanks for helping the old man out. Hopefully I can make up for it by drumming my best on Sunday.

Love, Dad

At July 21, 2007 3:37 AM, Blogger Peacechick Mary said...

Very cool, connections, PT! I wonder about the Africa/Asia thing - so many places have internet bans. They might be seeing your blog on the sly.

At July 21, 2007 4:10 AM, Blogger Psychomikeo said...

Maybe an offer of FREE beer will lure Asia and Africa here.

At July 21, 2007 4:18 AM, Blogger Psychomikeo said...

Did you notice that when you go to ClusterMaps there's a ad for FREE Ann Coulter Emails, Also by email, you will receive the latest conservative news.
Ann Coulter is without a doubt one of the most (evil)controversial commentators in Amerikkka today. Revered or reviled, depending on who you ask, Ann writes a weekly column that promises to be full of (SHIT)her trademark (hate speech)wit and scathing sarcasm. This might help pull in ppl from Asia and Africa

At July 21, 2007 7:13 AM, Blogger Vengelyne said...

Terima kasih for welcoming me.

So I gotta be honest and let you know that when I check your blog from the office, I contribute to your Japanese statistic. Yeah, our IP is from Japan. Meh.

At July 21, 2007 3:54 PM, Blogger PTCruiser said...

I won't let anyone know that Asia and Africa secretly looking at my blog. Their secrets are safe with me.

A daily dose of Ann Coulter is what every good American needs.

So you're the one who put Japan on the map! Always good to see you visiting, Venge. Make sure that you deduct the internent browsing time from your paycheck.

At July 22, 2007 2:08 PM, Blogger freewayblogger said...

Just goes to show that there are countless loonies just like yourself around the world! Thank God there are sane people to counter you kiddos! Bravo!

At July 23, 2007 3:45 PM, Blogger Donnie McDaniel said...

But do you get anyone from Louisiana? If you do, I would like to know. I know that no one from my state would dare to visit you. You and your anti war rhetoric, is not what people from my state would go along with! You act as though there might not be a Katrinacrat. What the hell is wrong with you? We're fighting them over there so we don't have to fight them here. You Librul commie pinko! If we leave, then the price of gas will go hate Merika!

Okay, I can't stop laughing now. Cannot keep a straight face now. That's what you call getting Fooshballed! Purple Fooshballed at that. Bwahahaha!

Thanks PT, for all that you do. Glad to be able to have you in the mix. Glad to fooshball you. Some people get the Purple Heart, you got a purple fooshball. Ain't life grand?

At July 24, 2007 12:05 PM, Blogger PTCruiser said...

Life is grand, Donnie.

At August 15, 2008 2:57 AM, Blogger HeartlandHeretic said...

I'm not sure about the "banning" practices of Asia. I get regular hits on my blog from China, Iran, India, and Kuwait. I've often wondered if some of those are "proxy server surfers". I hope not. And I am pleased especially with China and Iran's interest in my humble rantings.

Love, Peace, and Chicken Grease!


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