Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Kite-Flying Terror Alert

Pakistani kite-flyers warned of terror trials
ISLAMABAD (Reuters) -

Flying a kite in Pakistan is a dangerous pastime.

Already it's banned for all but 15 days of the year but a provincial minister warned kite-flyers this week that any who cause injury or death with string made from metal or coated with glass could be tried under anti-terrorism laws.

Kite-flying in Pakistan and neighbouring India often involves aerial duels in which participants try to bring down each other's kites using string coated in a sticky paste of ground-up glass or metal.

Every year, Pakistani media report dozens of deaths and injuries caused by kite flying, mainly of children and motorcyclists whose throats are sometimes cut by metal or glass-coated string.

I believe that elevates our own terror alert level here at home from Bert to Ernie. Please lock your doors and seal them with duct tape. Then take anything that might remotely resemble kite string and destroy it before it falls into the wrong hands or the feds come banging at your door.


At March 09, 2006 1:42 AM, Blogger enigma4ever said...

so my cat laying on the floor tangled in cat string is really a terrorist ? wow that was a really good disguise....

Hmmm, we are all the way up to Ernie...ohno...what does that mean...I can't even go out for recess?

About the Kites...just when you think things could not be ANY stranger...( and didn't we go to Afganistan to save the children and make it so they coulod fly kites- hows that going?hmmm)

I blogrolled you today...


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