Friday, March 24, 2006

Hey, Everybody! Look at the Government We Set Up in Afghanistan!

The man pictured on the right is Abdul Rahman. He lives in Afghanistan. Abdul has decided that he wants to convert from Islam to Christianity.

The only problem is that it's against the law to convert from Islam to another religion in Abdul's part of the globe. The punishment...execution.

Fortunately for Mr. Rahman, the United States has set up a democratic form of government in Afghanistan, much like our own, where people have the freedom to practice any religion their hearts desire.

Oops. Wait a minute. No, that's not exactly true. While BushCo has created a puppet leader in Hamid Karzai, they forgot that there is NO separation of church and state in the Middle East. They are one and the same. So, Abdul most likely will unfortunately face execution for his decision to embrace Jesus.

But, maybe we here in America should look on the bright side. We absolutely adore executions, being one of the few nations left in the world who practice human execution on a regular, barbaric basis. Let's face it. We love to kill, kill, kill. It's evident in everything this country has been involved in. From our slaughter of indigenous Americans, through our fire-bombing of Dresden, to our dropping of Weapons of Mass Destruction on Japan, and on to our carpet-bombing of Vietnam (and let's not forget the wonderful "Shock and Awe" of killing countless thousands of Iraqi citizens.)

Yes, people the world over are jealous of our country and crave the democracy that we have. Look at the wonderful things we've done as a nation.

I've got an idea. Since Arnold Schwarzenegger, being the governor of California, feels so cozy with execution, maybe we could do a media promotional deal and have Arnold give the order to execute Mr. Rahman. Or maybe even do the execution himself, Terminator-style. Fox News could carry the whole thing. Maybe even charge for Pay-Per-View. Jesus knows Americans love their Pay-Per-View. Right Jesus?

Right again, PT !!

I found an interesting statement from Muslim intellectual Shahnawaz Farooqui in Asia Times Online in which he said, "I saw President Bush's statement in which he asked to honor the universal principle of freedom. This is not a question of social liberty or social rights or freedom, this is a question for the affirmation of truth and nobody will be allowed to distort the truth. No society can give people the right to distort the truth or play around with it. As far as execution is concerned, I have the same questions for the West."

He went on to say, "Western countries have occupied nations, destroyed their political and social systems and killed thousands of people so that people would conform to their civilization or their pattern of thinking ... While doing so, why did they not bother about 'honoring the universal principle of freedom'?"

Good question.


At March 29, 2006 4:31 AM, Blogger Rory Shock said...

yeah it is


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