Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Support Our Troops - Chapter One

No jail time for US soldier over Iraqi prisoner death

DENVER, United States (AFP) - A US military interrogator convicted of killing an Iraqi general by stuffing his head into a sleeping bag was sentenced to a reprimand and fine, but no jail time, a military official confirmed.

Clearly the best way we can "support" our troops is to let them get away with premeditated murder. Am I angry over this? Yeah, you better believe I am. Here's more of the story that I think you should know about:

Chief Warrant Officer Lewis Welshofer was accused of torturing Iraqi Major General Abed Hamed Mowhoush, covering his head with a sleeping bag, binding him with electric cord and sitting on his chest until he died.

During a five-day trial last week, prosecutors displayed gruesome pictures of Mowhoush's body, arguing that Welshofer knowingly ignored US military interrogation protocol that did not sanction the sleeping bag technique.

They claimed that Welshofer ignored warnings and rebukes over his methods, which they called "torture", and did not fully inform his superiors of his techniques.

However, Welshofer's lawyers cited evidence in emails and other communications that interrogators had been urged to "take the gloves off" in their handling of prisoners, authorizing his techniques

So you know who should be on trial for this murder? Not only this guy, but all his superiors, and Rumsfeld and Bush as well! They're the ones who are authorizing all of this torture. And now we all see what it leads to.

You want to know what penalty Chief Warrant Officer Welshofer faces for murder? A $6,000.00 fine and 60 days restricted to the base. I'm not making it up. Click the link above and read the whole thing for yourself.


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