Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Oh Crap, They're At it Again

U.S., Britain discuss promoting democracy in Iran

WASHINGTON - American and British diplomats held talks this week on ways to promote democracy in Iran amid concern that Tehran is skillfully exploiting a row over it's nuclear ambitions to fan anti-Western hostility, U.S. officials said on Wednesday.

Rough translation: We're invading Iran next month.

Western powers fear that Iran wants to make a nuclear bomb and the International Atomic Energy Agency voted on Sunday to report it to the Security Council, which can ultimately impose sanctions.

Can you say, "Weapons of mass distraction"? I think you can. OK, here comes the "Shock and Awe" part , kids:

U.S. officials, with $10 million to spend this year on promoting democracy in Iran, were interested in "knowing about our experience and working out how it might most effectively spend the funds it has available," the British diplomat said.

I can think of a much better use of $10 million. How about if we use it to clean up our own problems, first?


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